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SpringsPage.com - Overview of Services

Interactive Advertising.... Most advertising mediums don't give you a chance to interact with your potential customers. You place an ad on radio or TV or in newspapers or magazines and you hope that someone will call or contact you. You don't always get an opportunity to market your product or service directly to the consumer. We're trying to change all that. SpringsPage.com can put you in direct contact with hundreds of visitors to Colorado Springs every year. You can market your business to them based on their needs and interests, and you can follow up with additional information or a refresher at a future date.

SpringsPage.com is locally owned and operated. In service since 1996, SpringsPage.com receives 150-200 visitors per day. We do not solicit local traffic, local visitors would fluff up our hit numbers but would dilute our target market of vacationers, home buyers and business travelers. We are currnetly averaging 1-2 Mountain Valet requests per day and we expect those numbers to increase.

We offer 3 services.

The above services can be combined, for instance you can purchase the Autoresponder and also purchase the lead service to receive a copy of each lead that comes in.